4 styles of flat sandals to stay on trend this Spring/Summer & my ideas on styling them - Straight-leg jeans - why I love them & why you will too! Colour & Print explosion at Zara!


Leather flatform flip flops from M&S

4 Styles of flat sandals to try this Spring/Summer & my ideas on styling them!

Flats are now the go-to footwear in all of our wardrobes - and are particularly wearable & easy to style at this time of year. I always advise clients to pair their flats with ankle-length jeans or trousers - and this is more feasible when freezing ankles aren't a concern!

But flat sandals, in particular, give anything you wear with them that laid-back vibe, yet can still look chic & put together.

As with all trends, only invest in the ones that are harmonious with how you like to dress, and will work with the clothes you actually own - you don't want to have to buy a whole new wardrobe just to go with your on-trend sandals, that may or may not last more than one season.

As with any & all purchases, think about cost per wear - pay more for quality materials such as leather and styles that are more classic and won't date as quickly.

1. Flip Flops: no longer reserved for just the beach, flip flops have become uber-cool this Spring/Summer, as seen on influencers all over Instagram. Keep them minimal and pair with just-as-minimal tailoring for the coolest look - just remember to get the balance overall right - for example if you want to pair wide leg trousers that come right down to the ground with your flip flops, then flatforms - like this pair from M&S will look much more put together.

2. Fisherman Sandals: These are a more quirky trend that won't be to everyone's taste, but the style of them in itself is quite classic - not to mention practical. Pair them with cropped straight-leg jeans, cuffed cargo pants, or voluminous day dresses

3. Sliders: This is probably where you should invest your money, as this sandal style is now a SS capsule wardrobe basic. I personally love tan for a timeless look (Zara have done them for several years now), but neutrals in general will give you the most versatility

4. Sporty Sandals: These are great for when you want to look more casual, but don't want to let go of your stylish standards completely! They look chic, while still being comfy & practical. It's win-win!

Fisherman Sandals - Monikh Dale on Instagram

Sliders from M&S

Sliders from Seagreen, Dublin

Trekky sandals from Seagreen, Dublin

Focus on: straight-leg jeans: why I love them & why you will too!

I'll admit - I wasn't an early adapter at first.

After years as a bootcut devotee, and then several more years making the slow transition to skinnies, I wasn't ready to embrace straight-leg jeans a few seasons back when they first came back into prominence in a big way.

For many women, and for most of my clients, jeans continue to be a big issue - there are just so many options available & a lot to consider. What rise looks best on my shape? What length should I pair with various footwear? How do I pull off different styles?

Of all jeans, straight are without doubt the most versatile.

The word  'Straight' though, is very subjective, and what's described as straight in one store or brand, can be very different in another. At their slimmest, they are closer in fit to skinny jeans - just a not-so-sprayed-on version of them.

More slim-fitting straight-leg jeans are great for those with a more classic style personality, if you don't want too much volume, or if you don't want the overall look to be too casual.

Conversely, what's described as straight leg can also be a very relaxed fit with a lot more width.

But generally speaking, a classic straight pair of jeans, should be just that - cut straight following the line of the body, not tapering in (like skinnies) or out (like a gentle bootcut) at the bottom.

The best rise in jeans generally is mid-rise, and the most classic wash is a true blue, not too light and not indigo. Timeless...

For many people, if they only had one pair of jeans in their wardrobe, then these should probably be them - though, like all clothes, there is no one size fits all, and people with a figure of 8' body type for example will benefit from jeans that taper in at the ankle.

To find out what your Body Shape is & how to dress it (and a hell of a lot more - 50 pages worth of a Style Guide & 3 hours of one to one consultations with me for a start), book a Style & Image Consultation here:


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