Shopping for trousers to conceal a low tummy

Breeda O' Connell

Shopping for trousers to conceal a low tummy

There's no such thing as one size fits all: even when a client says to me that their ‘area of concern’ is their tummy, this calls for a different approach for each different woman.

Some women may carry weight higher on their torso, and others carry it lower; some may have a band of weight that goes around their tummy to their hips & back, and other women may be very slim & narrow on the outer contour of their body, but carry weight out in front.

Here I’m talking specifically about weight that's held low on the tummy, often seen on women who have a longer torso in comparison to their leg length.

The positioning of the weight on the tummy seems to drag the torso further down, visibly shortening  the legs even more and making the torso look long, wide, and heavy.
  • You want to avoid adding any extra width, or drawing the eye down even more
  • You want to visually shorten the torso & lengthen the legs
  • Start with high waistband band
  • Look for a seamless waistband
  • Look for a smooth midweight fabric, that will smooth over the tummy and not add any bulk
  • Choose slim or skinny leg trousers as opposed to wide leg trousers, which will visually extend the width of the tummy downward
  • Ideal options are coated leggings, Spanx style leggings, jeggings, faux leather leggings – they tick all the right boxes in terms of fit, fabric and silhouette
So you can see that it's not just about ‘fixing’ a particular area of concern: it's about balancing the overall proportions of the body.