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Hi, I'm Breeda, creator of BOC Image Consulting!

I am a wife, mom of 3, certified Image Consultant, experienced Personal Stylist, enthusiastic Personal Shopper, bone fide Style Expert and lifelong style lover!

I am passionate about supporting women to define and develop their Style, and experience the unique confidence Style provides them with as they persue their goals and dreams.

I have experienced the incredible Power of Clothes many, many times in my life; and I am on a mission to share that power with you, and prove that Style is key in feeling, doing, and being better.

"I see clothes & style, and knowing how to use them, as a GATEWAY to improving your Image, your Outlook, and your daily life"
Breeda O' Connell
Image Consultant

Training, Events, Fashion Shoots, RTE & Working with Clients

My first foray into the world of Style was in 2006, when I trained in Make Up Artistry at Make Up For Ever Dublin. I loved makeup for it's powerful transformative power & knew even then that there was something magical here to help women feel & do better. I worked freelance and at weekends under Sarah Keary in Make Up Forever Cork, alongside my career in Marketing.

Fast forward to 2019, 3 children and a 40th birthday later (!), and the seed that had been planted had grown. I knew that my passion for what style helps achieve should be nurtured, and shared with other women. So I trained and received qualifications in both Style & Image Training, and Colour & Make Up Training with Joan Cashman Colour & Image Academy, to become a fully certified Image Consultant.

I worked in a few different areas of styling: as a virtual stylist with an online Styling App; styling looks for boutiques & fashion shoots; assisting with the styling of the fashion segment on the RTE Today Show; giving corporate style talks; styling, directing & hosting Style Events and working with private clients one to one doing Style & Image Consultations and Wardrobe Edits.

Covid 19 & Moving Online

In September 2020, I made the decision to really move ahead and dedicate myself to serving the
clients I felt needed me most and took my service offering online. Professional women, women working part-time, women juggling life with all it's constant changes & challenges - women like me.

My Goal is that clients leave our time together feeling Empowered

I am passionate about helping my clients to look, feel, and do their best, every single day. I want them to rediscover that part of them, expressed through clothes & style, that has become buried under ‘life’. I want them to realise how style can support them to achieve their goals & desires.  My aim for every client is that she leaves feeling energised & excited about clothes, and confident in her ability to put outfits together. It is as a result of this feeling of empowerment combined with knowing she looks her best, that leaves her feeling transformed, and ready to tackle anything life throws at her.

Personal Shopper at Opera Lane

In September 2021, I was fortunate enough to be approached and offered the position of Resident Personal Shopper at Opera Lane, Cork. This provides me with an amazing opportunity to serve even more women, and keep my finger directly on the pulse of what's in shops, what's changing and how I can do more for my clients. I am extremely grateful to serve these women on behalf of Opera Lane, alongside my private client work.


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• Working with Private
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