Colour & Make Up Analysis

There are 2 main parts to this Consultation which then integrate to give you a complete look that works for you physical characteristics.

The use of the Colour Palette extends to:

1. Analysing Your Clothing

2. Analysing Your Make Up

Part 1: Clothing Colour Analysis

Your Best Colour Palette or Season

The aim of this Consultation is to determine your best Colour Palette or “Your Season” i.e. the palette of colours that work best for you.

These are the colours that make you come alive and look your absolute best, and in which you feel your most confident.

Draping Analysis

Initial analysis is based on your physical characteristics – your skin, hair & eyes. Then a ‘draping’ technique allows further analysis and illustrates the best depth, hue & intensity of each colour for you.

I will explain to you where and how to use neutral and accent colours in your clothing and how to combine them.

Knowing your specific Colour palette is key in creating a Capsule Wardrobe where the colours work together to maximise your outfit choices.

Part 2: Make Up Colour Analysis:

Your Unique Skin Undertone

The aim of this part of the consultation is to allow you to understand the unique colour characteristics of your skin, hair & eyes, which allows you to make the correct choices when choosing Make Up.

We analyse your skin type & undertone, and your key skin concerns, so you can make informed product choices.

Complimenting Your Face Shape

We analyse your Face & Eye Shape as this forms the basis on where and how you apply different make up products.

I will take you through the correct make up tools & application techniques that work for your features, your make up personality & your lifestyle.

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