Colour Analysis

Have you ever considered why it is that on certain days you look fresh, radiant & glowing; while on others you look tired, dull or ill? Apart from sleep and/or skin concerns, it has alot more than you realise to do with the colours you're wearing. And it's not just the colour itself, but also the shade & intensity of the colour, the undertone of the colour, and what colours you wear together. This is based on the relationship between your colouring (skin, hair, eyes) and the colours you're wearing. Knowing what colours, shades & combinations suit you best is not only fascinating, but also powerful information in helping you to look, and ulitmately feel, your most bright & confident. When it comes to colour analysis, I want to empower your colour choices both near you face (your clothing) and on your face (your makeup)

Colour choices in your clothing

Most people can wear most colours: it's where & how you wear them that matters.

Allowing me to colour code you is not going to limit your choices, it's actually the exact opposite: it's extremely freeing to know that you can't 'get it wrong' when you work from a tailored colour palette.

Because everything works together, you can also create a 'Colour Story' in your wardrobe, as another tool to help you optimise your outfit options. Everything goes with everything else, meaning you'll always have something to wear.

In person or Online

This process can be done in person, using physical colour drapes; or online, using digital drapes. In my studio, I will use the colour drapes that work best to show you how to wear colour. Online, I use your photograph to do the same process and talk you through what works & doesn't.

You will learn where and how to use neutrals, colour, and any combination of these.

Your consultation is supported by your personalised colour guide, and your colour palette (physical or digitial depending).

Colour in your Make Up

Have you ever considered that Make Up is colour on the face?

You probably already know how important it is to get the shade of your foundation correct - but what about the undertone? They are not the same thing! Once we figure out you're undertone (warm, cool or neutral), you'll be a step ahead when choosing foundations.

And what about blush & lip colour? Even if you're not a huge wearer of colour in your clothes, knowing whether it's pinks or corals that suit you better means even if these shades never make it onto your body, you'll know which ones to chose to wear on your face.

Face & Eye Shape

Ever tried to follow an online Make Up tutorial, or even the suggested eyeshadow placement in that quad palette you just bought? Frustrated when it turned out nothing like you expected? Chances are these guidelines were based on a face shape different to yours; or a 'standard' eye shape when yours are deep set, or hooded.

Let's demystify product placement, tools & application techniques; so that you not only know your correct colours in makeup, you know what to do with them too.

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