Colour & Make Up Analysis

Wearing your best colours both near - and on - your face is crucial in looking your best. That's why we explore your best shades & colour intenstiites, as well as your best colour combinations, in both your:

1. Clothes (and accessories)...

2. ...and your Make Up

1st Element of Colour Analysis: How to wear colour in your CLOTHES

You can wear practically every colour - it's where & how you wear it that matters

We will work our your Colour Group - or 'Season', so you can buy clothes from within your best Colour Palette - meaning a cohesive wardrobe of clothes that all work together

These are the colours that make you come alive and look your absolute best, and in which you feel your most confident!

Using Colour 'Drapes' to showcase your best shades

After firstly analysing your physical characteristics – your skin, hair & eyes; we then use a ‘draping’ technique (basicaly putting swatches of differently coloured fabrics over your chest & under your chin) to really see the shades, depth, hue (warm or cool) & intensity of each colour for you.

We explore where and how to use neutral and accent colours in your clothing; and how to combine them.

This knowledge, combined with your invaluable tool, aka your Colour Wallet; is key in creating a Capsule Wardrobe where the colours work together to maximise your outfit choices.

2nd Element of Colour Analysis: How to wear Colour in your Make Up

The vital knowledge you need: Your Skin Undertone

You probably already know how important it is to get the shade of your foundation correct - but how about the undertone? They are not the same thing!! You can chose a foundation in a light shade with warm undetone, just as you can chose a foundation in a dark shade with a cool undertone - sounds confusing, and it might well be, if you didn't take the time to nail your own undertone and never make costly foundation errors again.

And even if you're not a huge wearer of colour in your clothes - knowing that Pinks or Coral for example suit you better means even if these shades never make it onto your body, you'll know which ones to chose to wear on your face, in the form of blush & lipstick!

Working with your unique Face & Eye Shape

Ever tried to follow an online Make Up tutorial, or even the suggested eyeshadow placement in that quad palette you just bought? Frustrated when it turned out nothing like you expected? Chances are these guidelines were based on a face shape different to yours; or a 'standard' eye shape when yours are deep set, or hooded.

I will demystify product placement, tools & application techniques for you; so that you not only know your correct colours in makeup, you know what to do with them too!

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