Style & Image Consultation

This is a full 3 hour consultation providing you with 2 main elements:

•Part 1: Body Shape Analysis

•Part 2: Discovering Your Unique Style Personality

The aim of this part of the Consultation is for you to get real clarity on what works for you and what works for your lifestyle and reflects your personal style & taste.

It is an immersive, comprehensive consultation where I’m not simply telling you what works & doesn’t work for you, I’m teaching you what you are looking for when choosing clothes, so you have the skills you need to shop successfully and put together outfits with confidence.

Part 1: Body Shape Analysis

The aim of this part of the consultation is for you to gain a deep understanding of what flatters your shape and balances your proportions. I will teach you the specific lines, fabrics, patterns and design details to look for when shopping for clothes & putting outfits together.

We will cover your Body Shape in detail:

Horizontal Body Shape
Vertical Body Proportion
Key Areas of Concern
Height & Scale
Face shape

Part 2: Discovering Your Style Personality

We are all unique and we have our own personal style which reflects who we are. If our clothes are out of sync with our personality we feel uneasy and don’t feel true to ourselves.

The aim of this part of the consultation is to unearth your own unique Style Personality.

This is your interpretation of clothes & fashion, how you like to dress. It also incorporates what works best for you and your current lifestyle.

Our Style Personality and personal tastes evolve & change overtime, and getting in touch with this gives you a fantastic frame of reference
when choosing clothes & simplifies decisions in where to shop and what to buy.

There are key types of Style Personality and we can have a blend where one is dominant and other is secondary:
• Natural
• Romantic/Feminine
• Dramatic
• Classic
• Creative
• EuroChic
• Sexy/Alluring

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