Wardrobe Review

An organised, edited wardrobe: the only starting point for creating a Style you love

Picture this: you go to your wardrobe, it's organised, you can easily see everything, and grab whatever you need. There's nothing that's ill-fitting, nothing that you never wear. You love every piece and everything flatters you; and you always have something to wear for every situation.

Your wardrobe is not a museum: it should only have pieces that you actually wear

The ideal scenario above is completely possible: when (with my guidance) you weed out the pieces that have no place in your wardrobe, so that everything that remains (and any new clothes you buy), are pieces that you love, and that serve your real life, as it is now. I help you to go a layer deeper as to why you're holding onto certain pieces that deep down you know don't work, and even worse, are holding you back. We make space for what should actually be there: clothes that earn a place in your wardrobe and that you are excited to wear.

I take you through my signature system to detox & re-organise your wardrobe, to make the most of what you already have, and at the same time, identify the gaps in your wardrobe that need to be filled.

Build your Curated Wardrobe

With intention and focus, we will look at your lifestyle and the personal style you want to create; and based on these, build a curated wardrobe from the basic pieces up. I have developed tools like 'lifestyle categories', 'wardrobe clusters', and 'building & modifying core outfits', to give my clients failsafe methds to curate a style that emowers them to live their best life.

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