Wardrobe Analysis

Get Clarity & Identify Gaps

The aim of this consultation is to give you real clarity around what you actually have in your wardrobe, identify the pieces that no longer serve a purpose or deserve a place in your wardrobe, and identify the gaps & what you need to add to your wardrobe.

Have a Wardrobe You Would Actually Wear Now

It involves a thorough examination of the full contents of your wardrobe and a full reorganisation. We want to get to a place where everything in your wardrobe is something you would actually wear now – anything else should be stored appropriately or needs to go (whether you choose to sell, donate or gift).

Build Your Ideal Capsule Wardrobe

We will create the foundation for you to build your ideal Capsule Wardrobe, one that works for you & your lifestyle. I will illustrate the importance of basics in maximising outfit options and how to build outfits, as well as discussing investment buys and cost per wear.

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