Getting back in touch with clothes and style after having children

Breeda O' Connell

Getting back in touch with clothes and style after having children

This was the challenge facing one of my clients this week who, like many of us, had let this slip down the priority list when she had children. She had two young children and wanted to get something to wear for a special family event.

However, she confided in me that she had lost her connection to clothes & style, and felt like she didn't know how to put outfits together anymore.

I hear & see different versions of this story on repeat with the vast majority of my clients: life has taken over, and clothes, style and the love for dressing that we once had, has really taken a backseat.

The weight of multiple responsibilities gets heavier and you & your style are pushed down, or even off, the list.

After the first initial, ahem ‘hairy’ couple of years (!), you will naturally find yourself coming round and finding that brain space where your thoughts start turning to clothes and style again.

It will come when you're ready, and when it does it's time to embrace it, nurture it, and to get back in touch with clothes & style it once more.

A lot of it is about allowing: allowing yourself to invest in yourself (both terms of money and time).  to make yourself a priority and to fill your own cup first
When you always put yourself last on the list, it begins to wear you down, and you end up showing up only as shadow or part of yourself.

In order to be your best, do your best & give your best, you have to fill your own cup and look after yourself, and for you this may look like giving yourself the time to focus on your clothes and to dress as you truly want to.

Don't underestimate the knock-on effect that this will have in practically every area of your life, because as you feel better about yourself, your energy is heightened, your interactions are better, and things just seem to flow smoother.

It's time to take back control but yourself when you started back at the top of your priority list.