Back Pockets on your jeans - why this matters! - 5 Summer Capsule Wardrobe Basics: have these in your wardrobe & you'll always have something to wear! - Have you ever thought about the effect of the lines in clothing design?

Breeda O' Connell

Focus on: Back Pockets on your jeans - why this matters!

  • Back pocket placement & size is hugely significant in a flattering pair of jeans – even if they look good from the front, if the pockets aren’t right, they will not flatter your bum
  • In terms of size, pockets should be proportionate to the overall scale of the body
  • The pocket should be centered on the fullest part of the bum. Stay away from pockets that are set too high, they will make your bum look longer and bigger. Lower pockets are generally preferable.
  • Some people (small bums) can get away with setting the pocket below the crease of the bum, but in general, your pocket should end around where your bum meets your leg
  • Look at the space between the bottom corners of the pockets: the wider the space, the wider your seat will look. For wider bums, set pockets closer together; for small bums, pockets can be set wider apart to create fullness
  • Pockets that are set at a slight inward angle will give a shapely look and add the illusion of lift

5 Summer Capsule Wardrobe Basics - have these in your wardrobe & you'll always have something to wear!

1. Good basic T-Shirts

  • White & Breton stripped are the top two for Summer - depending on your own personal style personality of course

  • Give some thought to the neckline & sleeve length, as well as the fabric

  • If you have a large bust, V-necks will be more flattering than round or crew necks - conversely, if you want to add volume to a smaller bust, these necklines will make your bust appear fuller

  • When it comes to sleeve lengths, cap sleeves draw attention to slim or toned arms, but may not work if you are conscious of your upper arms. Pay attention to where the sleeve hemline ends - if it ends in line with the bust, it will add visual width at that point, so consider if that is something you are happy with

  • With fabric, curved figures will do better with a mixed fabric composition with some drape, whereas straighter shapes can go for more tightly woven fabrics with little to no stretch

Crew neck t-shirt from Arket

2. Denim shorts/denim mini/denim midi

  • One or all of the above will work hard in your Summer wardrobe year after year

  • The most classic wash for the best longevity will be a classic true blue

  • A well-fitting  simple piece without on-trend details will give you the most versatility

  • The waistband, rise, shape & length will all need consideration to make the best choice for your shape

Skirt from Warehouse

3. Day Dress

  • This is one of the most useful, easy-to-throw-on pieces you can have in your Summer wardrobe

  • Choose a dress that looks just as good paired with trainers, slip-on flat sandals, and heels

  • You will usually get the most versatility out of a subtle pattern on a neutral nude or white background

  • The style you choose depends on your shape, whether you choose a wrap, shirt or shift style

Dress from Dancing Leopard

4. Flat sandals

  • Depending on your personal taste & style - and what will work with the pieces already in your wardrobe - choose from sliders, platforms, flip flops & sporty sandals

  • Spend more on neutral colours that will last more than one season

  • Pay some attention to your exposed feet: chipped nail polish & dodgy fake tan blotches will ruin your efforts to look put together

Flats from Zara

5. Denim Jacket

  • Buy a shape & length that works for your shape & scale and you will literally wear this classic wardrobe basic to death

  • Be mindful of design detail, lines and overall silhouette in choosing the jacket that will work best on you

Denim jacket from H&M

Have you ever thought about the effect of the lines in clothing design?


Horizontal design lines will draw the eye across horizontally and visually widen that area of the body e.g. Hemlines, sleeve end, horizontal patterns etc. - so think carefully about where on the body you introduce these lines


Vertical design lines cause the eye to move vertically from top to bottom and create a slimming effect e.g. Scarves worn vertically, jackets worn open, vertical patterns etc.

Asymmetrical/ Diagonal:

Diagonal design lines tend to slim the body especially if they are more vertical than horizontal. They are a great way to add interest and distract the eye from fuller areas of the body

Round/ Curved:

Curved lines will add fullness. so think about where you wear them, e.g., a scoop necklines will add roundness to the bust area . Other examples of this are rounded collars, lapels and other design features etc.