Colour me Happy!: The crayola colours trending this Autumn/Winter - Green with Envy: How to add this season's stand out shade to your Wardrobe - Make Trends wearable: some gorgeous inspo from Mango

Breeda O' Connell

Colour me Happy

Post lockdown life, fashion is embracing the joy of (actually) dressing once more!
No surprise then that Saturated Colour is a huge trend for Autumn/Winter 2021/2022.

Alongside the usual Autunmal shades seen as this time of year, the 10 standout Pantone colours for AW2122 have their fair share of bright, in-your-face, undeniably happy colours.

Green with Envy

One of the most wearbale amoung them is green, and while the most on trend 'kermit the frog' shade might not be for evertone, there's certainly a way for everyone to wear this should they wish.

Try the brightest of shades in an accessory like a bag, shoe or scarf; or try the colour in your clothes - but chose one of your better shades & intensities of green.

Winter ladies do well in cool deep forest & pine greens, while Summer ladies do well in light & soft greens ike sage.
It's the Spring ladies that will excel in the brightest & warmest of greens, while Autumn ladies look at home in warm & deep khakis.

Make trends wearable

It can be an absolute minefield trying to navigate the trends that are constantly added to the 'New In' sections of your favourite brands.

It's easy to write off many of the more 'out there' trends at first glance, but there are plenty ways to make trends wearable - meaning they suit your personal style & taste, and work with your lifestyle.

Mango is a fantastic brand that consistently serves up chic & wearable interpretations for the new season.

Here are some of my picks - be warned, you will want them all!!