The Seasonal Switchover, my magic ingredient in Spring dressing, and the power of the clothes rail!

  • My secret approach to the Seasonal switch over
  • The magic ingredient to transition into Spring/Summer wear
  • The power of the clothes rail: A superstar tool in organising your week!
  • The Seasonal Switch Over - My Secret Approach

    Now that the mornings & evenings are brighter,  and there are (at least a few) not so Baltic/not so torrential days, we start to consider changing up our wardrobe and think about Spring fashion, and lighter fabrics & colours.

    But we all know how erratic Spring weather in Ireland can be, and even if we had direct links to Met Eireann, predicting the right time to really commit to Spring fashion would be challenging.

    The solution? Do it gradually.

    There doesn't have to be one particular day when you decide today's the day, only to be met by a drop in temperature the next morning. Do it by degrees, making small changes every week or so until you've completely switched over from AW to SS. And this method is also a hell of a lot more doable than facing the daunting task of reorganising your entire seasonal wardrobe in one go!

    I usually start by weeding out all the dresses & skirts that I usually pair with either opaques & ankle boots, or with knee high boots. You might not be ready for bare legs just yet, but by mid-March dark tights and knee-high boots will need to go into hibernation for a few months. So remove any wool & leather minis and dresses with darker animal or other prints (such as houndstooth) that we associate with winter.

    The Magic Ingredient to Transitioning to Spring/Summer wear - White!!

    One of the easiest ways to change the 'feel' of your wardrobe from Winter to Spring/Summer is to swap out your darker neutrals for lighter neutrals - especially white (in all it's shades).

    It instantly freshens it up and brings it right up to date for Spring!

    Here are 5 of my favourite ways to introduce white to Spring outfits:

    1. Layer a white shirt under everything & anything really! Knits, sweatshirts (love this preppy look for SS2021), cardis, jackets, blazers, etc.
    2. White trainers – a match made in heaven with Spring’s blue denim and a great way to make more dressy pieces more wearable for everyday use
    3. White jeans – fresh, preppy, classic – these can play a part in the wardrobes of almost every style personality, and can serve a multitude of different looks depending on the cut & style you choose, and the way you style them
    4. Stripes: navy & white, sky blue & white, nude neutral & white – whatever stripe combo you choose, when there’s white in it, it’s Spring ready!
    5. The hero white tee and vest /tank top – I always have a selection of plain & slogan white tees, as well as tank/vest tops for layering. This is case in point of one of my most repeated statements: get the basics right & you’ll always have something to wear

    The Power of the Clothes Rail - a superstar tool in organising your week!

    • I am always telling my clients to pull out their clothes and play dress up, or else create flat lays on their bed by laying out outfits, adding shoes & accessories, to get inspired.
    • I always also advise clients to record these outfit ideas somehow so that you have a bank of ideas to draw from on those weary less inspired mornings – take photos, jot down the outfit combos on a piece of paper, etc.
    • Or if you’re planning on using the outfits in the coming week, arrange them on a rail
    • Using a clothes rail is the most fool proof way to stress free dressing each & every morning. I use this all the time and it is life changing!
    • So ideally, spend 20 -30 minutes on a Sunday evening planning your outfits for the coming week, maybe giving some options in case a modification is needed around the weather
    • Then arrange them on the clothes rail along with shoes and accessories - you're mornings will be an absolute breeze and you have the assurance that you'll always be wearing something you like and you know you look good in!

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