The Social Psychology of Appearance

Breeda O' Connell

Social Psychology of Appearance

So this week, I've spent a bit of time researching the Social Psychology of Appearance - in simple terms, the judgements & assessments we make about people based on their appearance.

We all know the importance of clothes when we want to make an impression, but these insights are truly thought provoking.

Did you know that what a person wears, and how it is worn, dictates the assumed characteristics, attributes & attitudes of the wearer?!

What a person wears & how it is worn dictates the assumed characteristics, attributes & attitudes of the wearer

This is because we believe that the way a person dresses, and their grooming, is an echo of what lies underneath. We believe the evidence before our eyes: whenever there is a discrepancy between what we see, hear or read about  person, we will believe what we see.

Every time you put clothes on - whether or not you're aware of it, and whether or not it's intentional - you're telling the world something about yourself. Whether that be something about your personality, or your current state of mind, or a whole host of things.

The way you present yourself to the world makes a huge difference to every part of your life: how many people are willing to engage with you, and how many people are willing to listen to you.

While this has not been important or maybe not even relevant for many of us this past year - lockdown won't last forever - and this is definitely food for thought as we make our way back out into the world again!