How to fire up your Motivation& feel Inspired with your Dressing! - How to do everyday Casual dressing, but do it well: Get out of the leggings & hoody rut!

Breeda O' Connell

Fashion Jackson:
One of my Pinterest & Instagram favourites for everyday fashion inspo

How to fire up your Motivation& feel Inspired with your Dressing!

Here are my top tips to feel instantly more inspired with your everyday dressing :

1. Utilise the vast resources on Pinterest:

  • This is probably my favourite place for everyday Style Inspo
  • Search & create boards around different scenarios in your life, for example, 'Everyday Casual Style'
  • Or search for style inspiration for your new purchase, or an item in your current wardrobe, e.g., 'Styling White Trainers' or 'White Trainers Outfits'
  • Keep your boards organised & reference them when your in a style slump!

2. Instagram:

  • Take screenshots of your favourite looks & keep them together in an album to call on in your hour of need!
  • See what's in your wardrobe - chances are you can recreate something very similar from what you already have
  • Breakdown what exactly it is you like about the look, alot of times it's just the way it's styled that elevates clothes you may already have

3. Play dress up!

  • I tell every single one of my clients this
  • It may seem obvious, but you'll be amazed at the ideas you can come with when you spend some time shopping your own wardrobe
  • Experimenting with new outfit combinations, styling clothes with different accessories, seeing if they work better with hair up or down, what shoes work, etc, etc.

4. Record your ideas!

  • Don't rely on memory, when inspirations strikes & you come up with new outfit ideas - record it: take a selfie in the outfit
  • Or keep a little notepad and write down your 'outfit equation' - this is an example of what I would typically do: 'Zara white cropped jeans + H&M striped tee + vejas + M&S linen blazer + gold mini hoops + hair up in sleek bun + MK sunglasses'
  • You could also jot down ideas when inspiration strikes on a Post-It and stick it inside your wardrobe - whatever works for you
  • You will be glad of these prompts on mornings when you're running late or just not felling the Style love....

5. Do flat lays on your bed:

  • This is very useful for planning your week's outfits
  • Lay out all the jeans/tops/etc. that are options for the week, and then add shoes, accessories, mix & match
  • This is a great way to figure out a good few outfit options in one go Again, record all your ideas, so take pictures & reference when you need to

Mrs. Casual
Another of my Instagram favourites for everyday casual dressing inspo

How to do everyday Casual dressing - but do it well! Get out of the leggings & hoody rut!

The attraction of leggings & hoody??

  • Ease – it’s just so easy to grab them & throw them on
  • Familiarity – they feel easy & familiar to you - meaning you don’t need to push outside of your comfort zone
  • Comfort & practicality
  • Socially acceptable – busy mom/ mom uniform, on the go, WFH, lockdown

What you need to do?
See how you can emulate these elements in other clothes

  • There is some reframing needed: you need to stop thinking that ‘it takes a lot of effort to look out together’
  • Or that you don’t have time for it
  • Or those clothes won’t be practical
  • This does not have to be at all complicated, and you can be uber comfortable & practical

  • What is important is some attention to styling, your general grooming & upkeep of your clothes
  • Quality is NB with casual dressing to avoid looking sloppy
  • Also Colour Palette is important – neutral & softer/muted colours look a lot more put together
  • A casual wardrobe is made up of wardrobe basics – look for ‘elevated basics’

General Tips:

  • The main alternative to joggers & leggings will be jeans, and alternative to hoody will be blazers & longline cardis & lightweight jackets
  • You can do hoodies & still look stylish: think about the quality and the colour palette
  • Maybe chose sweatshirt instead: they offer the same comfort & practicality,  and by layering a soft shirt underneath for example, look instantly stylish
  • You could layer a very lightweight linen mix shirt between a tank top & a hoody (with both shirt & hoody worn open) – again watch colour & print
  • Then style up with some layering necklaces, push up the sleeves &add sunglasses
  • Pair with relaxed fit jeans rolled up & trainers, for a simple, easy, yet stylish outfit
  • Also cargo style pants – look great with trekky sandals
  • Relaxed fit jeans & straight leg rolled up or cuffed look great with flats
  • Jeans, more formal/dressy joggers/tees/shirts/jackets/flat shoes/trainers
  • Accessories are very important: think crossbody bag in leather or with canvas strap; good pair of sunglasses is NB
  • Trainers are a huge part of this wardrobe: consider swapping out canvas or faux leather trainers for real leather trainers – invest in the things you wear most
  • Simple, soft, chambray, linen mix shirts are so effortless and every bit as simple to throw on as a hoody
  • With jeans: the fit is NB – get the best fit for your shape
  • The wash is NB – darker wash will always look more pulled together – or a classic ‘true blue’ wash
  • Design detail is NB: the more distressed the jeans, generally speaking the more potential there is to look sloppy
  • Body shape is crucial: curved body shapes will need elastane, and a more wrapped/shaped fit around the rise & bum – whereas straighter shapes, straight hips will do better with less stretch
  • The length & rise need serious consideration
  • Wear spanx/leather look leggings ONLY if they suit your body: thighs, bum, calves, knees – all look different in different types of leggings


  • T-shirts are another key staple of casual dressing – go for quality, and consider all the factors relevant to you:
  • The fabric: cotton/polyamide/polyester; the weight of the fabric, does it have drape (do you need drape)
  • The fit
  • The length
  • The sleeve type & sleeve length
  • The neckline
  • T-shirt bras
  • Colour/print/design detail – consider body shape & scale

  • Blazers, especially relaxed styles are a great alternative to hoodies – you can wear your hoody at home and quickly & easily switch over to blazer when you are leaving the house. Again watch the fit, the fabric, the design details, the sleeve length, etc.

  • Flat sandals (trekky/sporty style) are having a moment this SS – they will give you all the comfort & practicality you need, yet still look stylish

  • Really the clothes don’t need to change all that much, but pay attention to the styling and grooming – sloppy details like chipped nails, greasy hair, dirty shoes, bobbled tops, baggy or stretched tops, worn clothes etc. will all make you look sloppy

Some outfit ideas:

  • White jeans & vintage tee
  • Floral midi & tee/tank & denim jacket
  • Straight jeans + shirt + loafers + sunglasses
  • T-shirt dress & flats – literally could not be easier, far easier even than leggings & hoody, comfortable, practical, airy, and forgiving – and very on trend this year.
  • Layer a lightweight sweater over your shoulders (2 sec job), add sunglasses – you look totally stylish and it’s taking you literal minutes.
  • If you're thinking 'but I'd need tan on legs – again, reframe that this is a big job I don’t have time for: do legs one night, arms & neck next – that will be enough to tide you over for most everyday outfits, and will take you less than 5 minutes before bed. Or use a gradual tanning moisturiser

The power of accessories: doesn’t even need to be jewellery if that’s too finicky for you for everyday, literally just a pair of sunglasses and a chunky watch, or a pair of sunglasses and a cool & casual cross body bag. Belts – tan belts work with so many things for SS

Key to casual dressing is good quality basics – replace when they are grubby/no longer fit for purpose

Where to start: start with weather – decide your footwear & whether you need a raincoat or trench, etc. and build your outfit around these

Key points:

  1. Mindshift – reframe – this is not complicated
  2. Quality basics – jeans/tees/tanks/cargo pans/midi skirts/shirts/knits/trench/raincoat/denim jacket
  3. Correct fit & fabrics (natural fabrics, denim, jersey, knits, cotton)
  4. Colour palette & print (stripes)
  5. Start from footwear & outerwear and build outfit from there
  6. Accessories & Styling
  7. Grooming & condition of clothes
  8. Get inspired – some Instagrammers do this style very well, such as Fashion Jackson, Style Snap Shots & Mrs. Casual