How to wear colour now? Head to toe

Breeda O' Connell

How to wear Colour now?
Head to Toe

As we head into Spring, it's not unusual to see lots of colour filtering into our feeds & stores.

What's noteworthy this year though is how those colours are being worn: solid colors, as well as lots of retro inspired prints, are being worn head to toe.

You can wear the same hue top to bottom, or different shades within a colour family. Wearing the same colour or shade head to toe like is visually elongating and pleasing to the eye, and ensures that your outfit looks harmonious and put together.

Wearing color like this is also incredibly joyful, and doesn't have to be too ‘in your face’ depending on the level of clarity you choose: many of the colours in all the attached pieces (all from Mango) are ‘softened’ or ‘muted’ making them very wearable.

Remember too that these kind of softer colours pair beautifully with the lighter neutrals that we associate with Springtime: think for example of the stone shade of the classic trench coat, or the soft blue of the must have denim jacket.

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