Make Up as an Accessory - What is the purpose of foundation? - Do I really need Make Up brushes? - The oversized white shirt: How can I make it more wearable & practical for everyday?

Breeda O' Connell
Make Up as an Accessory

Make Up as an Accessory!

Makeup is an extension of your outfit and can be used much like an accessory to add interest and color to your look.

I've always viewed makeup as an extension of your outfit - I feel that without some attention to make up, your outfit is incomplete, and believe that can be used much like an accessory to add interest & colour to the overall look.

I personally don't wear huge amount of colour in my clothing, but I always make sure to have colour on and near my face, through the warm colors I purposely wear in my makeup, and the warmth of gold accessories I always choose to wear near my face.

Have you ever thought about makeup in this way?

It doesn't have to be full face of makeup by any means - within my Make Up Consultations and Program, I talk about the ‘5 Minute Face’ - but in my opinion, to look your most pulled together, you can't ignore your makeup.

Just five minutes in the morning really can transform the way you look, and feel, as you go about your day!

Foundation shades

What is the purpose of Foundation?

Many people mistakenly believe that the purpose of foundation is to add colour or warmth to the face.

The point of foundation is to even out skin - not to change the colour of your skin or mask it.
It’s called foundation for a reason – a strong foundation allows you to build a good Make Up result.

There is a myriad of options out there, but the key things to consider in choosing foundation are:

  • The formulation - liquid, cream, powder – this will depend on your skin type & your preferred application
  • There are different finishes: natural, dewy, semi-matte, matte; and different levels of coverage – i.e., the concentration of pigment in the formula: light, medium & full.
    The one you chose will depend on preference and/or any particular skin concerns.
  • Once you decide on your preferred formulation & coverage, it is crucial to select the correct foundation to work with your ski undertone, and to match the shade correctly so that is disappears seamlessly into your skin

Do you have a favourite foundation that you return to time & time again?

Has this changed over time?

Do I really need Make Up brushes?

In my opinion, if you want to achieve the most blended & even make up, a decent set of basic brushes is essential.

Having quality brushes is every bit as important as the products you use & applying makeup using good technique.

As a general rule of thumb, all powder products should be applied using brushes made with natural hair, and all liquid or cream products should be applied with synthetic make up brushes.

And what’s one of the most important things to remember: Blending.

Blending is key in achieving the most flawless look, try to hold the brush further town the handle so you have less control & therefore blend lightly without too much pressure.

The oversized white shirt: How can I make it more wearable & practical for every day?

Here are my 5 top tips on making this trend work for you!

1. Proportions:

The general guideline is that if you wear volume on top, then you choose closer fitting, sleeker garments on the bottom half, and vice versa.

2. Hemlines:

If you wear an oversized or longline shirt for example with leggings or Spanx, then you’ll want to pair this with a waist length jacket, blazer, cardi or waistcoat.
And vice versa, if you're wearing a more fitted top with the same close-fitting Spanx or leggings, then to keep the overall outfit in proportion & balance, you can add an oversized, longer line blazer.

3. Structure:

Another way to add some proportions back to an outfit like this, would be to take the 2 same key outfit elements, i.e., the longline shirt & Spanx, and add a fitted blazer, or a sweater vest (or sweater dress), which sit close to the line of the body & end at your waist, to introduce shape & definition back to your figure.

4. Belting:

Taking the same outfit example from above, belt over the shirt at waist level, or over the shirt & sweater vest together, if the sweater vest is not too thick.

5. Add height:

Sometimes adding flat shoes or boots with oversized pieces can make the body look shorter & a little bulky.
Adding a heel elongates & lengthens the silhouette overall, introducing balance to your shape.

Do these tips encourage you to explore the oversized trend a little more?