Make your wardrobe work hard for you - What will working on your Image do for you really? - How do I know which one to chose?

Breeda O' Connell

Make your wardrobe work hard for you!

Any of my clients will tell you that I'm always getting them to think of how many ways they can use the various items that they are considering adding to their wardrobe.

I aim to help my clients build a wardrobe full of mix & match pieces that all work together to give them as much versatility and outfit options as possible.

Here I'm taking a black winter coat, a pair of black sock boots, and a pair of black strappy sandals - all staple pieces in lot of wardrobes - and showing how you can then make more than one outfit from each piece
You will see that accessories too are key in elevating simple wardrobe staples.

When I work with my clients, I get them to think of at least 3 different outfits that they can make from every piece there considering purchasing, and also imagine themselves wearing this piece in at least 3 different scenarios within their current lifestyle.

This is how you build a cohesive capsule wardrobe, instead of a wardrobe full of clothes but leaving you with nothing to wear, because you don’t have all the ingredients you need to make an outfit.

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What will working on your Image do for you really?

Imagine yourself out shopping. You know exactly what to choose based on your body shape, your proportions, your personal taste, your lifestyle & your colouring .

Think about how different a shopping experience that would be, how productive & focused you would feel - and how enjoyable & empowering it would be.

All because? You had knowledge.

The knowledge to know what to look for & put things together to create outfits options. This knowledge can be yours.

Once you understand how to make the right choices for your shape & proportions, and lifestyle & personal taste; you will no longer be taking a shot in the dark, and instead make clear, quick & correct decisions - saving yourself countless hours of scrolling & second guessing (not to mention a small fortune on misguided purchases) in the process.

An Online Style & Image Consultation is a simple process & the beauty is you can do it all in the comfort of your own home. Simply complete some a short intake form, and then book in your sessions (2 x 90 minute live sessions over Zoom). There's no need to overthink your answers or spend a lot of time on these forms; just say what comes to mind.

I then carefully & thoroughly analyse the information you provide in your intake forms, and customise a complete (50 page+) Style Guide to your exact shape & proportions, as well as your Style Personality & how you can dress for your lifestyle as it is now.

This is a 'bible' you will have forever when you need to check anything from your best top styles, to your best rise in jeans, to your best fabrics & prints, to how to choose & wear accessories - plus so, so much more.

And for the moments when you just need a quick reminder or answer, I provide you with an indispensable Consultation Summary Report, a 2-3 page document with bullet points of your main points to remember.

Or maybe it is my guidance in choosing Colours that you feel you will find most beneficial, and you really appreciate the huge difference wearing your correct colours, and knowing how to combine colours in a way that suits you, makes.

In that case, an Online Colour Analysis is what you need.

Again you complete a simple intake form & return to me, so I can prepare your personalised Colour Profile and Colour & Make Up Guide (that's right, you also get everything you need to know about colour in your make up, from choosing foundtions to how to apply eye make up based on your eye shape, and lots lots more). Oh, and you'll also receive your Digital Colour Palette, so you can check colours quickly & simply on your phone when shopping for clothes & make up, so you'll never have to guess & chose the incorrect shades again.

We will then book your 90 minute Zoom session where I take you step by step through your colour profile, your best colours, how to chose them, and how to wear them.


If you just want a quick answer and need a couple of outfit options fast, I can scan the myriad of options Online, and select & fully style outfits tailored to your shape & style. I present them to you in a vairety of outfit collages, all fully styled, and accompahied by a table with all product details, and clickable links ready for your to shop.

Depending on the number of outfit options you need, you can chose from:

  • 3 outfit options
  • 5 outfit options
  • Capsule Wardrobe of mix & match pieces, to take you through the entire season

I am here to help you in any way I can to build momentum towards really taking back control of your wardrobe & your everyday dressing, so you can show up as the best version of who you truly are.

It's time to put you, and your style, back at the top of your priroirty list!

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How do I know which one to chose?

4 pink blouses from River Island – but which one should you chose??

If you were my client, I would not only ask you to consider the Rule of 3, i.e., 3 outfits you can create from this piece, and 3 scenarios I which you can see yourself wearing it; but also to consider:

  • Your Body Shape & Proportions
  • Your Colour Season
  • Your Style Personality

If you don’t have this arsenal of information up your sleeve, then you’re taking a shot in the dark every time, and possibly buying based on what you see others wearing and/or what’s trending – which may be a million miles from what will actually help you to look your best…

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