Making Yourself a Priority and Springtime Style!

Breeda O' Connell

Make yourself a Priority!

Ok so if you're anything like me, your 'To Do' list is like constantly having 20 tabs open on your desktop, all screaming for your attention & of equal importance, with you not knowing what to give your attention to and feeling like nothing gets done properly.

And when you read an article on social media about self care your eyes probably glaze over and you may think 'fine for some' and 'I don't have time to even think about that!!'

But we all know what happens when we don't allocate any thought or time to ourselves: we get resentful, irritable and no one or nothing gets the best of us.

The truth is if you want to show up how you truly want to in your everyday life, you need to make sure some of your needs are met too.

And if that means taking some time to plan your outfits on a Sunday evening, or taking 20 minutes to do your hair & make up in the morning - that's not selfish or indulgent, that's a form of self care! Self care doesn't have to take a lot of time, or even effort, you just need to put it mindfully on your 'To Do' list & make this thing, whatever it may look like to you, a priority.

You will feel so much better, more patient and calmer & things will just flow better.

I have a ritual where I'll listen to something on You Tube for the 20 minutes it takes me to do my make up everyday - some kind of affirmations or motivational video. I am maximising my time & killing 2 birds with one stone, doing 2 positive things for myself at the same time!

So decide today to take some time, every day, no matter how small, that's just for you. You will be all the better for it!

Breton top by Celine

Breton Tops

There are few things that say Spring Summer quiet so well as the classic Breton top.

An absolute staple in your Spring Sumer wardrobe, this is a basic piece that will be central to much of your seasonal outfit choices.

This year, even more than usual, striped tops are ultra visible across social media, and both designer & high street offerings.

How you style them depends of course on your Style personality and the style statement you wish to make, but that's the beauty of his most versatile of pieces.

Few pieces (apart from the most basic of basics) have a place in the majority of wardrobes - but a Breton top, in whatever guise works for you, is certainly one of them!

They can come in the form of t-shirts, shirts & knits, and pair well with everything from jeans (blue, black or white), wide leg trousers (paired with trainers of flats), loose tailoring (with a high waisted trousers and/or under an oversized blazer) and with a multitude of shorts (tailored bermudas with cuffs high on this year's agenda) and skirts (classic with a denim mini, or chic print clashing with a leopard print midi).

Knotted over a trench, a Breton top looks uber chic

Perfectly at home with loose tailoring & loafers

Pair with white trousers or denims and trainers for a perfect weekend look

Style with your capsule wardrobe basics, and add some carefully selected accessories

The Loewe Raffia tote

If there's one bag that just epitomises summer, it's some sort of straw or raffia bag.

But while these may be great for beach days or park picnics, they don't always translate into everyday dressing in real life.

Enter the Loewe raffia tote, or one of the many high street offering inspired by this 'It' bag.


This is the second season of the popularity of this bag, so chances are if you invest in one this year, you'll get next season out of it too (and likely many more)

The leather detailing & more structured design make it more practical & versatile for every day use.

There are several different variations available this year, but for maximum versatility & a bag that will not date, my favourites are the tan leather, and the white version.


I managed to get my hands on a great dupe of the tan leather version from Zara last year, but there are plenty of options available online this season too.

Style this with literally everything this Spring Summer and stay classic and on trend all at once!

The ideal partner for this year's subtle florals & voluminous day dresses

Simple summer styling with you SS capsule wardrobe basics