Mid Height Mules: a SS staple - Distressed denim: is this trend for you? - City dressing: shorts suits

Breeda O' Connell

Mules from Dune London

Mid-Height Mules: a SS Staple

A hero piece is born when something that starts out as a trend, shows up again the next season, and the next, and the next after that - until it comes to be what we describe a 'staple' picce.

Mid-height mules are a perfect example of this. What started out as a trend a couple of seasons ago is now a firm favourite, and one of the most versatile pieces of footwear you can add to your Spring Summer wardrobe. They go with everything from straight leg jeans, to wide leg trousers, to mini skirts & midi dresses, to bermuda shorts - I did say everything!

They are effortless to wear (just slip your feet in before you run out the door), pracitcal (the mid-height heel makes them easy & comfortable to walk in), and look chic & cool in equal measures. What's not to love?!

All mules from Dune London

Jeans by Gucci

Distressed denim: is this trend for you?

There's nothing new about distressed denim - but it has peaks & troughs of popularity,  and, like many other 90's trends - it is having a moment.

Like any trend, whether you go all in & fully embrace it, or just give a subtle nod to the trend, fully depends on your own personal taste & Style personality.

For me, at this stage of my life (post 40, ahem), I think some suble distressing detail is as far as I'd venture on jeans.

But for a shorts & tee combo for example, I could see a vintage inspired tee, distressed denim shorts & a pair of trainers looking very cool & chic for weekend trips to the beach or woods with the kids.

What do you think?

Levi's 501's cropped with ripped knees

Ripped boyfriend jeans from River Island

Possibly how I would wear this trend

City dressing: Shorts suits

Did I mention 90's inspired trends?

Slouchy shorts suits go back even further to the 80's, but this time round, the look minimalist instead of maximalist, thanks to neutral monochromatic shades, clean lines, minimal accessories & simple styling.

Pair them with the affore mentoned mules, for an easy, cool, chic & bang on trend aproach to city dressing this summer.

Linen looks (and feels) cool - select 'linen blend' as oppposed to pure linen to reduce creasing if you have a longer commute.

Styling Notes:

Usually if you wear volume on the lower half of your body, it is necessary to keep the top half streamlined & close fitting (or vice versa), to keep balance overall & not lose your shape completely.

This trend calls for volume top & bottom - balance this by showcasing your waist by tucking or 'half-tucking' your shirt

Or, by showing your lower arms, by pushing up your sleeves. Your legs are of course on show, which helps to add balance to the slouchy silhouette.