Pink to make the boys wink: chosing the best shade for you - Green with envy: the standout colour of the season - Transitional Dressing & Autumn Layering - Let's talk Leggings - other options for this wardrobe staple

Breeda O' Connell

Pink to make the boys wink!

Among the 12 standout colours as released by Pantone for Autumn/Winter 21/22, are two very different pink shades.

The first – ‘Fuchsia Fedora’ - is a bright, sharp, highly saturated hot pink.

The second – ‘Pale Rosette’ - is a light, soft, delicate pink which you would normally expect to see more in Spring/Summer.

Lots of people have made up their minds long ago what the colours they can & cannot wear are
But for the most part, everybody can wear some shade or intensity of all colours – it’s just about chosing the shade &intensity that's right for you.

To me this sharp, imposing Fuchsia Fedora would look most at home on a Winter lady, but could also work for a Summer - if she chose is softer variation on the shade.

See my example here with the trousers and blouse from River Island
Pale Rosette, being very light probably wouldn't be the best choice for Winter and Autumn ladies who need depth, and would be better on the lighter seasons.

Being very soft though, it would be most at home on Summer ladies - Spring ladies would do better a different variation of the shade, chosing something with more warmth and not as dusty or soft – see my example here.

Green with Envy!

Green is by far the standout color of the season.

In Pantone's selection of standard colors for Autumn/Winter 2122, there were two greens: ‘Leprechaun’ -  a bright & clear green; and ‘Olive Branch’ - a soft & warm green, perfect to use as a neutral in outerwear.

Like every colour, most people can wear some shade or intensity of green - you just need to know what’s best for you.

Here are some of my interpretations and examples.

Transitional Dressing & Autumn Layering!

Dressing in September can be tricky where the temperature is cooler or warmer day by day.

The key is layering & choosing clever pieces that give you lots of options.

I love these combined sweater/knits/jackets from Mango, which will look equally good dressed up with trousers & boots as they do dressed down with jeans joggers & trainers.

They layer perfectly over basic tees & long sleeve tops, and are equally great for layering under quilted & wool coats when the temperatures really dip.

Choose a solid neutral or a low contrast patterned neutral for the most versatility in your wardrobe - chic, comfortable & easy.

Lets talk Leggings!

These are without doubt a staple in many wardrobes - they are a key part of the ‘mom uniform’, and are practical & comfortable for running around between working from home, school runs, after school activities & everything else that comes with our busy days….

But what if you don't feel at home at leggings, or you feel they don't best suit your shape?

I know personally I’ve never been in the Spanx tribe, even though they look amazing on many people and are a great versatile option for everyday dressing.

That's why I love these options available from Mango with a split or zip it in the leg, providing a little bit of ‘give’ at the ankle.

I think they give a really nice fit and make the overall look very polished, even when styled super casually.

As with all jeans & trousers, shoe pairing is key - the longer line leggings worn open over black heeld boots looks great, and the ankle grazer length look ‘French girl chic’ with this loafers & blazer combo.

I've also seen a lot of them on the Zara website.

If you are concerned about the tummy area, choose a pair with no front zip, and keep the rise area (the area from the crotch to the waist) very simple, smooth and uncomplicated for the most flattering fit.