Style Personality - what is it & why is it important to know yours

Breeda O' Connell

Your Style Personality is your interpretation of clothes & Style, it's the pieces you are consistently drawn to, it's the clothes that feel like you.

When you clearly identify your Style Personality, you can trust you own guidance in making choices for yourself & not be swayed by what everyone else in wearing, or what's 'trending'.

This will allow you to build a wardrobe where the pieces are cohesive - i.e., they all share certain elements, they have a relationship to one another - they all work together.

When you don't have a clue about your Style Personality or what your signature look is, you end up with a wardrobe bulging with random pieces that don't come together to give you outfit options - they just collectively give you a massive headache!

Style Personality can be clearly see in the way people wear things, the way they accessorise & style basic pieces.

Style Personality is not about limiting your choices, or putting you in a box, and most people have elements of more than one.

But there are some categories which help to idnetify your Style Personality or Personalities.

Here is a simple white T-shirt and a pair of classic straight cut blue jeans, all styled very differently givng very different results - and saying very different things about the wearer.

This is the power & signifcance of Style Personality!!

Style Personality: NATURAL

Style Personality: ROMANTIC/FEMININE

Style Personality: DRAMATIC

Style Personality: CLASSIC

Style Personality: CREATIVE

Style Personality: CITY CHIC/EUROCHIC

Style Personality: SEXY/ALLURING