Suits as an alternative to dresses for occassion wear - The importance of neutrals in creating a Capsule Wardrobe - My signature Online Program

Breeda O' Connell

Suits as an alternative to dresses for occassion wear

If you're looking for a chic alternative to dresses for an upcoming occassion, why not consider a trouser suit, for a mature, elegant & sultry look.

My top tips on what to look out for?

  • Quality fabric
  • Quality tailoring for the best fit possible
  • Consider a bold colour to really make a statement
  • Look for details in the design to elevate the look & set it apart from say, suits for daywear or workwear

I love this 'Tabitha' suit from 8th Sign, in this stunning empowering shade, with chic contrasting collar detail, and that beautiful embellishment.

I've styled it here with these fabulous Mach & Mach dupes from River Island, clutch bag (with embellishment made to match that of the suit!) from Dune London, and these gorgeous purse friendly earrings by Jon Richard available from Next online.

Go big or go home, and finish with a power colour on your lips too, this is Rubh Crew's retro matte lipstick from MAC.

The importance of neutrals in creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Black is always the best choice when buying staples, such as coats, boots & bags - right?

Well no, actually - unless of course black happens to be one of your best neutrals.

When you define your best neutrals  - be they black, navy, charcoal greys, deep greens or chocolate browns, for example - you have the best starting place for building a wardrobe, where all the pieces work together.

Focusing (initially at least) on neutrals, allows you to create a Colour Story in your wardrobe - meaning everything goes with everything else, and you always have something to wear.

Accessories are key to elevating any look & enhancing the beauty of these neutral shades - for example, yellow gold with browns & camels; or silver with greys & navys.

I talk alot about CPW (cost per wear) with my clients, and in Autumn Winter, it's your outerwear & boots that get the heaviest usage - and that should therefore should receive the largest spend.

So knowing which neutral colours to invest in is crucial - do you need to book a Colour Analysis to have this vital information?

My Signature Online Program

Last week I completed the inital run of my signature Online Program.

The aim of the Program is to provide the framework & scope, for a gradual & real change in the participants' attitude and approach to clothes & dressing.

It covers 6 key areas - which in my opinion are all equally important to really getting a handle on your clothes & wardrobe, and taking back control of your Style.

These are:

  • Mindset: your attitude towards clothes & style, and the part this plays in your life; and a deep insight into the relevance & importance of clothes on how others see us, and more importantly, on how we see ourselves

  • Body Shape & Proportions: vital knowledge if you ever wnat to dress to look your absolute best

  • Style Personality: your interpreation of clothes & style, and how clothes need to work to fit with your everyday life, as it is now

  • Colour Analysis: figure out your best colour shades, hue & intensities, and how to use & combine colours to bring life to your look & radiance to your face

  • Make Up - an extension of your clothes in my opnion, and a vital element to looking put together & feeling amazing

  • Wardrobe - how to declutter & reorganise your exisitng wardrobe; and how to use all the tools you now have to create your new cohesive, hardworking & joyful wardrobe

The next run of the program will be in December, and will likely run over 9 weeks, comprising a combination of group and one to one sessions.

Each key area is covered in depth, and each Module is backed up by a personalised Guide, tailored specifically to each participant.