The association between colours and someone's characteristics & attributes - The Autumn accessory trends you need to know - You are what you Wear

Breeda O' Connell

Did you know that we associate colours with not only feelings & emotions, but also with a person’s characteristics and attributes?

This is why many financial institutions choose blue in their branding, as it signifies loyalty and stability.

What colors are you drawn to and do you know what they signify?

  • We all know that red is the color of love, signifying intensity and passion
  • Yellow is most usually associated with optimism and happiness, while green has associations with healing and hope
  • Purple has always been associated with royalty, but also spirituality
  • Black is a powerful and professional colour, but also has an air of mystery
  • Because Brown is a natural colour found in nature, it is associated with reliability & stability
  • White is associated with purity, cleanliness or innocence

Do you associate colours with these attributes, and/or use colour intentionally to give specific messages?

The Autumn accessory trends you need to know!

1. Logos, logos and more logos!

On the catwalks everyone from Chanel and Gucci to Valentino and Versace, showcased their branding on necklaces, earrings and hair accessories

2. Matchy-matchy bags

Let your bag blend into your outfit with this extension of the trend for co-ords which has been so prolific for the past couple of seasons

3. OTT Jewellery

No longer reserved just for eveningwear, lots of jewellery all worn together is the newest way to do everyday accessorising – more really is more!

4.  90's Style Platforms

Interpretations of super-sized platforms are trending across shoes, sandals and clogs for the new season

5.  Belts with statement buckles

Nail two trends at once by choosing a timeless belt with a standout buckle in the logo of your preferred brand

6.  Retro sunglasses

The easiest way to accessorise any outfit is to add a pair of statement sunglasses. For autumn 2021, think oversized with colorful lenses, angular shapes and tortoiseshell prints.

7.  Supersize your hoops

Although gold hoop earrings have paired well with practically everything this past season, there is a shift away from smaller huggie-type or chubby styles towards bigger, more statement hoops for autumn 2021

You are what you Wear: what the type of clothes you wear & how you style them, say about who you are & how you feel about yourself and others

Here are some of my top tips:

  • Your appearance, including how you dress along with body language and posture, sends non-verbal clues to other people
  • Your choice of clothes can heavily influence the impression that you give, and therefore it is an important communication tool
  • Clothing can convey how smart you are, how much influence you have, how much you earn, etc.
  • The question is: what signals are you sending?
  • ‘Clothes maketh the man’ -  or at least others perception of the man
  • Think about the message you give by what you wear and how you wear it
  • Think about what the colors you choose say about you, or how you combine styles, and how you accessorize
  • Also the shape & fit of your clothes affects how people perceive you
  • Fit is crucial: that means not too tight & not too loose, not too long & not too short
  • When you put on something & you know you look good in it, it changes your posture, it completely alters how you carry yourself, you walk with a pep in your step, you hold your head high
  • Avoid wearing anything that makes you uncomfortable either physically or mentally. If something is too tight for example, or you don't easily walk in heels, just don't wear them, because: they'll end up wearing you!