The Power of Colour: the INCREDIBLE difference wearing the right shades can make - Pink to make the boys wink! Forget about the boys & embrace this gorgeous hue this Summer - How BOC Image Consulting can help bring more Colour into your life!

Breeda O' Connell

The Power of Colour: The incredible difference wearing the right shades can make


  • Knowing your colours will save a lot of money in the long run: you can now spend money on clothes that go with other clothes in your wardrobe
  • The correct colours allow you to look harmonised, put together, healthier, glowing, sparkling

  • The incorrect colours on the other hand will show up every imperfection, accentuating lines & shadows under your eyes, indentations & fine lines
  • While the correct colours allow you to look fresh & radiant, wearing the wrong colours near your face will make you look paler, more tired & older  

  • When you chose the right colours, you are wearing them, not the other way round
  • Everything seems to harmonise, your face & the colour become one unit

  • Your eyes will pop & your skin will look healthier
  • Your neutrals are extremely important as they make up the bulk of your outerwear, and are where you usually invest the most money

  • They should go with every other colour in your palette
  • The neutral you choose may depend on the time of year, usually lighter neutrals in Summer, and darker neutrals in Winter

Pink to make the boys wink - forget about the boys & embrace this gorgeous hue to feel amazing this Summer!

Pink is one the colours of the season, if not THE colour of the season.

Pink is a stunning hue on the cool undertones of Summer & Winter ladies, with the lighter & dustier shades being particularly beautiful on Summers; and the deep bright pinks like hot pink amazing on Winters.

The warmer undertones of Spring & Autumn don't do as well in many of the traditional pink shades, but can look beautiful in warmer coral or salmon pinks - in medium to light clear shades for Spring ladies, and medium to deep soft shades for Autumn.

The good news is the full spectrum of pink is firmly back in fashion, so there's a hue for everyone!

Try pairing different shades of pink together for a gorgeous monochromatic & blended look, or if higher contrast works better for you, try pairing with other brights of the season like lime green or lemon yellow - edible!

  • Would you like to learn exactly what your best Colours are?
  • The shades & intensities that work best for you?
  • What colour combinations look really good on you?
  • Your best neutrals and the importance of getting them right in your wardrobe?
  • How about your best Make Up shades?

Colour is powerful and using it correctly - or incorrectly - has the power to completely transorm how you look in your clothes.

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Knowing your best Colours can have a profound influence on how you dress. But colour is just one element of your Style overall.

The best way to really take back control of your dressing and your wardrobe, is to address every key area of Style, so you get the complete picture.

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