Wearable Spring Trends, trans-seasonal dressing & how to achieve flawless Make Up!

Breeda O' Connell

  • 8 Wearable Spring Trends for you to try now
  • 5 Steps to flawless Make Up - your complimentary Cheat Sheet!
  • Remember: we make the best decision where we are now  - let go of regret!!
  • Transitioning into Spring -  5 easy steps for trans-seasonal dressing

Wearable Spring Trends - 8 of the most on trend styles for you to try now

Back to the 90's - slip dress H&M
Wide leg pants - trousers H&M

Ladylike with a (sporty) twist - Celine SS2021

Stripes galore - SS2021 Runways

Head to toe monochromatic neutrals - River Island

Voluminous silhouettes & chic florals - Dress from H&M

Pastels - shacket from H&M

Head to toe black - Brandon Maxwell SS2021

5 Tips to Flawless Make Up!

1. Know not only your skin type, but also your undertone: knowing whether you have a cool or warm undertone is crucial in choosing your perfect foundation

  • Know your face shape: This is your guideline on where to contour
  • Know your eye shape: This will clarify where you apply light & dark shades, accent colours & eyeliner
  • Know your tools: the tools you choose will depend on the types of products you use & will make all the difference in a flawless finish
  • Know your Make Up personality: this will allow you to ignore trends - unless they're right for you, so that you always look like yourself - only better!
  • Remember: We make the best decision with where we are, let go of regret!

    Sometimes, when we know better, we look back and wish we had known then what we now know.
    But this of course, is not possible and is the nature of life.

    'The Only constant is change'

    We are always changing, evolving and growing. We are always learning, and this growth and new learning leaves us better equipped & more resilient as we move ahead in life.

    Let go of regret or guilt that you could have done better - each of us is just doing the best we can with what we have now. If you treat past errors as opportunities for learning as opposed to mistakes or even failures, then you never lose - you're either wining or learning - either way you're growing.

    'All living things are either growing or dying'

    Transitioning into Spring: 5 easy tips for trans-seasonal dressing!

    1. Layers: The key to dressing for changeable weather & unpredictable temperatures is layers. Layer a shirt and/or knit between you top & jacket for added warmth as well as bonus styling points!

    2. Swap put your wool winter coat for lighter options such as the iconic springtime coat of choice - the trench. Choose longer lengths & look for tie details on the cuffs for an on trend take on the classic

    3. Swap out your winter boots for loafers or crisp white trainers that ooze the freshness & newness of Spring

    4. Change up the colour of your knit wear from the darker shades of Autumn/Winter to lighter and softer pastels

    5. Tone down your denim - swap out your black & indigo jeans for true blue shades made for brighter days