Who does she think she is? - The difference between putting on clothes & getting dressed - Clothes as a form of self-care

Breeda O' Connell

Who does she think she is?

A common theme among my clients is a concern, a preoccupation, a fear that they will be judged by wearing or not wearing certain items.

If they take a chance in their dressing or if they go ahead and dress as they really want to & who they feel they really are, what will people think?

  • What will  people say about me?
  • Will they judge me?

I want you to do is to stop for a moment and ask yourself: who are you going to serve: are you going to serve yourself and your own best interests, and do what's best for you; or are you going to continue to serve other people and keep yourself small to keep them comfortable.

(And actually most of the time, people are not talking about us as much as we think they are; and if they are it's from place of either judgment or jealousy. If someone is judging you, that says a lot more about them.)

It takes confidedence & self assurance to dress the way you really want to, to forget about other people, and to do what feels right to you.

That confidence comes from knowledge: knowing how to dress your body shape so you look your best, and being confident that you are so tuned into your own Style Personality, that you can shun trends if they're not you, that you don't have to wear something just becuase your social media feed is saturated with it.

So ask the same question, but with different intent: 'Who does she think she is?', Who do you think you are: someone who should absolutely wear what she wants to , or someone you blends in to keep others happy, even though it doesn't feel right.

The difference between getting dressed and putting on clothes

Those might sound very similar to you but there is a big and significant difference.

Putting on clothes may just mean grabbing whatever you first find and throwing it on.

Technically you're wearing clothes, but there is a big difference between that and putting an outfit together that you've given some thought to, and asked:

How do I want to look?
How do I want to feel?
What is the message that I'm trying to send today?

Creating outfits that you feel really confident in, can really change your outlook, your mood, even your productivity every day

So, think about whether you are actually getting dressed, or just putting clothes on - it will make a big difference to how you approach your everyday Style

Clothes as a form of Self-Care

Self-care can take endless different forms, but to me the essence of self-care is doing something on a continuous basis, or doing something repeatedly, that brings you joy, that makes you feel good, that makes you feel choose yourself and is when you feel like your best.

If you love and appreciate clothes, if they are a  source of real joy for you - then that itself is a form of self care.

Anything that brings you joy, anything that lights a spark inside of you, is something you should do more of.

That in itself is self care, it doesn't have to be anything beyond that, if you are giving time and attention and focus to something that you love, something that lights you up, something that you makes you feel amazing - then that is absolutely a form of self care.