Who is Style for anyway? Transitioning back into 'real' clothes & how to choose dresses based on your body shape

Breeda O' Connell

Who is Style for anyway?


Style is not something reserved for only a certain portion of the population, only certain types of women, only women in certain roles or living certain lifestyles – style has a place in everyone’s life.

Everyone deserves the joy of knowing they look their best.

There are days when you just couldn’t be bothered, but never underestimate the power that looking your best on a consistent, regular basis can have on your wellbeing & daily interactions.

And it doesn’t take much really. A little bit of thought & preparation goes a long way.  We are all busy and none of us has the time to spend deliberating over putting outfits together every day.

'It's a simple but powerful truth: when you look good, you feel good, you feel confident'

Transitioning back into ‘real’ clothes

Start gradually by making simple changes – reaching for jeans instead of sweatpants, or taking 10 minutes in the morning to fix your hair & apply a little make up.

Springtime footwear is easier to slip on that winter boots and is comfortable even when WFH.

So why not swap out those slippers for a pair of classic white trainers or easy but chic backless loafers?

Backless loafers from iclothing - Veja campo V10 trainers

Choosing Dresses

Dresses can be challenging - they do not have the same scope as separates where you can choose different styles & fabrics for the upper and lower body.

The same one piece has to  work equally well on top & bottom. This can be quite the challenge for certain body shapes and when addressing areas of particular concern.

For your complimentary guide to choosing dresses, email me at breeda@bocimageconsulting.ie