My signature 12 week program

Breeda O' Connell Image Consultant

From Detached & Deflated,
to Confident & in Control

Are you a woman navigating role & identity shifts triggered by the constant changes & challenges of life? Do you feel somehow detached, deflated & uninspired with your Style as a result? This immersive Step- by-Step Program will show you how to take back control of your style & your wardrobe, pulling you out of the rut and back to your Stylish

What will it feel like?

  • You will fully understand your Body Shape & have complete confidence in your ability to dress for your proportions, so you always know what to wear to look put together
  • You will be perfectly in tune with your Style Personality & enlightened enough not to buy into trends that don't reflect your personal taste or lifestyle, so you create a signature style that's right for you
  • You will identify your most flattering colour shades & combinations, and create a harmonious, cohesive colour palette in your wardrobe, so you build a dependable & joyful wardrobe
  • You will choose & apply Makeup with natural confidence & ease, so you accentuate your features & elevate your overall style
  • You will be able to shop with focus, purpose & confidence so you buy only what you truly need, want and love!
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I have gone through several identity & role changes. As a mother of one, I loved working in as a PA for a prominent Property Developer, meeting & connecting with people, and all the while looking & feeling the part. After I welcomed my twin boys, life as I knew it was flipped on its head. I was only just keeping my head above water, dealing with feelings of mental & emotional exhaustion, complete overwhelm and resentment to any & everybody who seemed to be getting on with the their lives.

I didn’t have any headspace to think about my ‘identity', but I do know how getting dressed & putting on makeup gave me such a huge sense of control, and I held on to that link to myself with both hands. When the time came to go back to work, I knew there was an easy option waiting for me with my previous employer. But my thoughts kept turning to my innate love of style & make-up, and my dream of working in styling: it was now or never. I went ahead and invested in intensive Image Consultancy training.

I had done the training, I loved the material, I knew this was the work I wanted to do, but what now? I was like a boat bobbing around in the ocean from one thing to another, grabbing any work experience that came my way, but with no real anchor. Was this going to be just a hobby? It seemed I was never going to recoup the money I had invested in my training and thoughts of going back to my safe job were constant.

But something had shifted internally & I realised what my real goal was: connecting with other women & serving them; and how I was going to do this: work with them on their outer self-image by guiding them in their dressing & style. Clothes had always had huge significance in my life, I knew how powerful they could be and I wanted to share this feeling with other like-minded women.

I began working with a business coach and took my services online. I had always been good at making strong connections, I always wanted to hear people’s stories. And the more I did this work, the more I realised helping other women, who had faced similar(and much greater) challenges to me, was what I was meant to be doing. This has ultimately led me to create my signature program 'From Detached & Deflated, to Confident & in Control', where I will guide & support you every step of the way, so you learn how to look & feel like the BEST version of you.


What's included in the Program:

6 x 1 hour One-to-One Online Sessions
6 x 1 hour Group Online Sessions

We will meet online weekly over a 12-week period, alternating between one-to-one and group sessions, covering the following topics in-depth:

  • The impact of your current mindset & self-image on your relationship with clothes & dressing - and how to reframe & reset this
  • An analysis of your body shape, scale & proportions so you understand how to utilise clothing design detail, fabric, print & colour to create harmony & balance in your dressing
  • An exploration of your Style Personality to give you immense clarity & freedom when shopping & putting outfits together
  • An analysis of your unique colour characteristics, to identify your best colour palette of neutral & accent shades, that allow you to look your most radiant self
  • Learn the correct Makeup application techniques for your face & eye shape; and how to choose products based on your skin type & undertone
  • Learn how to thoroughly declutter & completely reorganise your wardrobe Learn how to build a cohesive, functional & hard-working capsule wardrobe
  • Learn how to build a cohesive, functional & hard-working capsule wardrobe

You will also receive these indispensable Guide Books to support your Style

  • A 50-page fully customised & illustrated Style Guide, incorporating all your specific guidelines
  • A personalised Colour Report & tailored instructions on how to wear & combine these colours

And there’s more!! You also receive these incredible & exclusive bonuses:

My Ultimate Wardrobe Reset Guidebook:

A complete step-by-step ‘how to’ to detox & reset your wardrobe. This walks you through how to decide what to ‘Keep, Store & Lose’; what & how to fold, what & how to hang & store; and how to group & display items. It also builds on the program work you will complete around creating your Capsule Wardrobe, to help you identify gaps, create shopping lists, Cost Per Wear considerations, and Wardrobe Maths (the number of outfits you can create from an edited collection of clothes)

How to efficiently & effectively shop Online:

Presented in a mini-guide, receive my top tips to shop online (and offline!) with focus & clarity, so that you stop wasting time & money and end up with only items you want & need in your wardrobe!

Your Personalised Make Up Guide:

The perfect compliment to your one-to-one & group modules covering the best make up products & application techniques for your skin (type, undertone & concerns), face shape, and eye shape. This invaluable guide also gives you step-bystep instructions to create your personally ideal make-up look, to elevate your now identified Signature Style!

Your own customised Style Inspiration Mood board:

Created specifically for you based on all the elements of your style personality uncovered throughout the program; this will be your source of inspiration & motivation to continue to show up every day as very the best version of you!

A complimentary Check-In:

A follow up one-to-one call approx. 1 month after you complete your Program to check your progress & offer any further guidance to support you in your continued transformation!

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  • You will, literally & figuratively, see yourself differently: you will see yourself looking good, feeling great & knowing you're in control of your Style and your life!
  • You will have immense clarity, self-assurance & decisiveness when it comes to choosing & putting outfits together, so that every day flows more smoothly
  • You will dress as the woman that you have been aspiring to be, now that you have the correct framework & tools - and have given yourself permission - to do so
  • You will enjoy not only elevated style & an organised, well thought-out wardrobe: you will experience a much deeper, more gradual change when you begin to feel your best on a continuous basis
  • You will fall in love with Style again!


Got questions? Here are a few things that my clients and customers ask along with my responses. If you've got more questions, don't hesitate to email me at

  1. How much time should I allocate to the program each week?
    You will be online for approx. 1 hour each week, either for a private or group session, but you will receive customised course materials & Style Guides to work on your Style, Wardrobe & Image at your own pace
  2. I need to lose some weight first before I do the program
    Your body shape is essentially your body shape, irrespective of weight, so your guidelines won't change. When you know how to dress to look your absolute best, you feel good - and when you feel good, you want more of that in your life! This program can be a powerful catalyst for positive changes in many other areas of your life outside of your Style - including your weight & health goal
  3. Can I pay in instalments?
    Yes. You will have the option to pay weekly or monthly throughout the 12-week duration of the program

Client Testimonial

"A Style Consultation with Breeda O’ Connell is, without doubt, the best gift I have given myself after surviving cancer. Cancer throws a woman off course because of hair loss, weight loss, grief, lost confidence, etc. I’m now back on track, feeling empowered and self assured thanks to Breeda. She is professional, emphatic, she gets how you feel, and patient. I just wish I did this sooner. From a mental health perspective, this process is so important, if not essential. Thanks again Breeda for awakening my passion again that took a back seat for too long! "
- Susanne, Cork

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