How I helped Anna

"I rediscovered my spark"


Anna was 37 and single. When she came to me, she had really lost a lot of confidence and her self-image was very low.

She was completely detached from dressing & style, to the point of thinking she didn’t even have a Style Personality (though she did admit that she had once loved shopping and styling outfits).

Challenge: Discovering Anna’s Style Personality

Anna felt that the way she dressed did not reflect the person she was. She found shopping for clothes that resonated with her to be very challenging. During the consultation it became apparent that Anna had in fact a ‘Sexy/Alluring’ Style Personality despite losing her confidence.

Challenge : Translating the Sexy/Alluring Style Personality into everyday dressing

By its nature, this Style Personality is full on & sultry, making it ideal for evening dressing, but more challenging for every day.

It is a confident Style Personality and I knew that confidence was within Anna. She just needed the direction, guidance and practical tools to allow her to express it.

Solution: Build Confidence around Style Personality gradually

• Start with hair and makeup, adding volume & texture to hair, and applying smokey eye makeup and glossy, slightly overlined lips

• Next think about using jewellery such as hoop or statement earrings to elevate simple everyday style

• Experiment with more accessories to gradually introduce colour & personality to outfits

• Finally move onto your clothes - brightly coloured & patterned tops, design details such as ruching & cut outs, animal & floral prints and different fabrics including leather & faux fur

Hallmarks of the Sexy/Alluring Style Personality

• The overall look is glamorous, seductive & feminine

• These woman are confident & often curvaceous

• This category favours figure forming clothes & is comfortable with exposing some skin

• Heels & jewellery form a big part of this look

• This is a daring & flirty Style Personality

• Bright colours feature heavily, as do tactile fabrics like satin & fur

• Jeans & tops are often worn tight to highlight & enhance shape

Anna Body Shape Analysis:

Challenge 1: Making the Sexy /Alluring Style Personality work for the Pear Shape

Anna was a Pear Shape and I advised her to bring balance by keeping all the details and personality on top, whilst keeping the bottom half simple & streamlined in dark neutrals and fabric with drape.

Challenge 2: Wearing skirts to flatter the Pear Shape

As well as being a pear shape, Anna was also petite with heavy legs, making her ‘bottom heavy’.
The key things she needed to keep in mind when choosing skirts were:
• The fabric cut
• The waistband positioning
• The length: the eye rests where the hemline ends so ensure it’s at a flattering part of the leg
• The fabric: avoid straight skirts in stiff or tightly woven fabrics

Challenge 3: Achieve Balance vertically as well as horizontally Anna was vertically imbalanced with a longer torso and shorter legs.

Whilst raising the waistband above her bottom half would have visually lengthened her legs, it could also exaggerate the width of her hips. Therefore, the best option for overall balance was a mid- rise waistband.

The Result:

Anna, enthused & motivated by her rediscovered spark & clearly identified Style Personality, began immediately shopping for new & considered pieces to add to her wardrobe. She truly emerged from our sessions energised & empowered!

"I rediscovered my spark"

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