Anna's Style Success.

"I rediscovered my spark"

Anna's Style Success.

"I rediscovered my spark"


Anna was 37 and single. When she came to me, she had really lost a lot of confidence and her self-image was very low.

She was completely detached from dressing & style, to the point of thinking she didn’t even have a Style Personality (though she did admit that she had once loved shopping and styling outfits).

Challenge: Discovering Anna’s Style Personality

Anna felt that the way she dressed did not reflect the person she really was, and shopping for clothes that felt right proved overwhelming & frustrating. It turns out that Anna's true style personality at heart was what we call ‘Sexy/Alluring’. This is a confident style, and we needed to get that confidence back, so Anna could dress in a way that she really loved, and truly felt like her.

Challenge : Translating the Sexy/Alluring Style Personality into everyday dressing

By its nature, this Style Personality is full on & sultry, making it ideal for evening dressing, but more challenging for every day.

I knew that confidence was within Anna, she just needed the direction, guidance and practical tools to allow her to express it.

Solution: Build Confidence around Style Personality gradually

• To develop th sexy/alluring style personality, the easiest place to start (as is the case with all style personality development) is with hair and makeup. Fo Anna, I advised adding volume & texture to hair, and trying things like a smokey eye and glossy, slightly overlined lips

• The next easiest & quickest change to make is with accessories. For Anna, I had her think about using jewellery such as hoop or statement earrings to elevate her simpler everyday style

• I advised experimenting gradually with more accessories, to introduce colour & personality to outfits

• Finally, she could move onto her clothes - considering brightly coloured & patterned tops, design details such as ruching & cut outs, animal & floral prints and different fabrics including leather & faux fur.

This step-by-step approach allowed her to build up her confidence, making small, sustainable changes along the way.

"I rediscovered my spark"

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