Susan's Style Success

“Amazing Results”

Susan's Style Success

“Amazing Results”


Susan was in her late 40's, married with 5 children and found it challenging to dress her proportions to look balanced.

Challenge: Dressing the Pear Shape
Susan was particularly conscious of lower body & short legs - she was a Petite Pear - and she wanted to incorporate more dresses into her wardrobe.

Solution: Create Balance

In order to bring balance to her Pear shape (where the hips are the widest part of the body and the shoulders are proportionally narrower), we focused the eye upwards, with all detail & interest in outfits in the top half, and keeping the bottom half sleek & minimal.

Balance Horizontal Proportions

As the Pear tends to have narrow shoulders, especially by comparison to the hips, we can use design elements like puff shoulder details and oversized collars, to add width to the shoulders, thereby bringing them into balance with the hips.

Marrying Body Shape with Style Personality

Once you understand how to dress your Body Shape, the next step is identifying your Style Personality, as both elements impact your choices:

So, while shoulder pads or epaulettes on a trench coat for example would also add volume and width to the shoulder area, these design details would not suit this client's ‘Romantic/Feminine’ Style Personality.

Find what works for you:

Susan’s Style Personality fell largely into the ‘Natural/Casual’ broad category, but her aim of wanting to incorporate more dresses into her wardrobe, hinted that elements of the ‘Romantic/Feminine’ style personality category were showing up too.

A great option to achieve width at the shoulders, AND stay true to her style personality, was the use of puff shoulder details, or a ruffled oversized collar.

Make Up as an Extension of an Outfit:

Make Up is an extension of your outfit, and can be used much like an accessory to add colour, personality and polish to your outfits.

This is particularly true in the case of a ‘Romantic/Feminine’ style personality, where attention to make up can transform even the most basic outfit.

Colour also has a crucial role to play:

I colour coded Susan as a ‘Summer’.

“Summers” will always look best in:

• Cool Colours

• Soft, Muted, Dusty colours

• Lighter colours

• Lighter Shades of Darker Colours

aka, soft, feminine colours. Her Pear body shape is also soft, curved and feminine. It's amazing when the various elements of style come together like this, and you see body shape, colour coding and style personality all aligning.

“Amazing Results”

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