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Susan was aged 48, married with 5 children and particularly challenged in creating balance in her shape and proportions.

Challenge: Dressing the Pear Shape
Susan was particularly conscious of lower body & short legs - Was a Petite Pear - and she wanted to incorporate more dresses into her wardrobe.

Solution: Bring Balance

In order to bring balance to her Pear shape (where the hips are the widest part of the body and the shoulders are proportionally narrower), I advised her to keep all the interest and detail in her clothing to the top half of her body to draw the eye upward and de-emphasise the lower half of the body.

Add Volume to Shoulder Area

I also encouraged her to add volume at the shoulder area through the use of design details such as puff shoulder details and oversized collars, which add some much- needed bulk and draw the eye outward to add width to the shoulders bringing them into balance with the hips.


Once you understand your Body Shape, identifying your Style Personality is the next step, as both elements impact your choices:

So, while shoulder pads or epaulettes on a trench coat for example would also add volume and width to the shoulder area, these design details would not suit this ‘Romantic/Feminine’ Style Personality.


Susan’s dominant Style Personality was ‘Natural’, but even her aim of wanting to incorporate more dresses into her wardrobe, indicated the presence of a ‘Romantic/Feminine’ style personality.

However, the use of puff shoulder details or a ruffled oversized collar would compliment this.

Make Up as an Extension of an Outfit:

It is my firm belief that Make Up is an extension of your outfit and can be used much like an accessory.

This is particularly true in the case of a ‘Romantic/Feminine’ style personality, where attention to make up and the introduction of that ‘pretty’ aesthetic can transform even the most basic outfit.

Where Colour comes into the Mix:

Incidentally, Susan was also a ‘Summer’ in terms of her physical characteristics & the colour palette that works for her. “Summers” will always look best in:

• Cool Colours

• Soft, Muted, Dusty colours

• Lighter colours

• Lighter Shades of Darker Colours

Her Pear body shape is a soft, curved shape, also very feminine in nature. I often see this with clients, where all the elements work together, to achieve the harmony we are aiming for.

“Amazing Results”

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