How I helped Ciara

“I am so glad I did the Image consultation with Breeda! Completely changed my outlook on what I wear."

How I helped Ciara

“I am so glad I did the Image consultation with Breeda! Completely changed my outlook on what I wear."


Ciara was an incredible lady who had overcome cancer, as well as other significant life challenges. Now aged 50 with 2 children she wanted to reclaim her confidence.


Regaining Ciara's Body & Style Confidence & Getting Clear on her Style Personality

When Ciara came to me, although in a place in her life where she had begun to regain her sense of self, her body & style confidence had taken a real knock. Clothes & dressing had understandably fallen to the bottom of her priority list while she was overcoming cancer but now she was now ready to reclaim it - to reconnect with her love of clothes & her innate sense of style, something that brought her real joy.

She had a great wardrobe of clothes, and was pretty sure of her Style Personality - “Eurochic”.
However, as we delved deeper during the consultation we did unearth a secondary style which she was not in touch with.
When we integrated her Dominant Euro Chic with her Secondary Creative Style we ended up with what we described as “Eurochic” with an Edge.

Hallmarks of the Euro Chic Style

• She puts a lot of thought & time into the way she looks
• She knows the latest trends, though she only incorporates them if they work for her
• She loves bags & shoes and appreciates the importance of accessories
• She likes to wear blended, elegant colour combinations, never shades that are too bright & garish
• She buys the best quality she can afford & keeps her wardrobe up to date
• She loves luxurious & sophisticated fabrics

Challenge: Rectangle Body Shape

Where Ciara needed real guidance was in terms of her body shape. She was a little confused about it, and initially deflated that her shape  ‘Rectangle’ – might limit her choices i.e. she thought it meant that she didn't have any curves.

In this case, rather than seeing her shape as a limitation, it was about helping Ciara to realise how much scope this shape gave her.

Dressing the Rectangular Shape:
I advise clients with a rectangular body shape to avoid belts. Imagine trying to put a belt or tie something around a rectangle to try to make it appear curved inward – you will only succeed in cutting the shape in two to create two separate rectangles instead of one.

Ciara loved wearing belts as part of her Creative Style Personality but I guided her to look at alternative styling techniques to achieve a waist such as:
1. Choosing tops and dresses with ruching

2. Adding volume above and below the waist to achieve that "out -in out effect" rather than a belt.

Additional Body Challenge: Short Neck & Petite In Stature

Ciara also had a short neck and was petite in stature & scale overall. We needed to lengthen her neck so I advised her to ‘open up’ her neckline area, using:

  1. V-Necklines
  2. Scoop Necklines
  3. Buttoning Down Shirts
  4. Popping her Shirt Collars
  5. Avoiding Roll neck or High Necks

The Result:

It is not an exaggeration to say that Ciara was reborn during our sessions. I literally watched her bloom in front of my eyes. Self-care comes in many forms, and giving yourself time to focus on things that truly bring you joy is certainly one of them.

It became clear very quickly that Ciara loved style & clothes, that it made her come alive, and she was ready & willing to take all my guidance on board.

“I am so glad I did the Image consultation with Breeda! Completely changed my outlook on what I wear."

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